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Breathwork - Power of the Breath

Want to let go of stress and stuck emotions?

Pause your monkey mind?

Break through old patterns and beliefs?

Feel more lightness?

Just try something new?


Then get out of your head and into your body with us,

The Breath Way!


Breathwork is a timeless technique that has been used by various advanced cultures. The power and magic of the breath is gaining more and more attention worldwide and has the ability to positively impact many areas of our lives. Use your breath in different techniques and support the health of body, mind and soul.

What can YOU do for yourself with Breathwork?

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Strengthen your immune system & lung function

  • Improve your sleep

  • Release mental, emotional & physical blocks

  • Dive into deep relaxation

  • Increase your inner awareness, clarity & focus

  • Unleash your potential

  • Feel connection & gratitude

Do you want to know who is behind The Breath Way?

~Breath is the bridge between body and mind~

Our offers

All our offers are carried out by trained breathwork facilitators. Since every person is unique, our offers are also diverse. Take your time to look around and find the offer that best suits YOU and your needs.

No previous knowledge is required for our offers, suitable for both groups and individuals.

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You need something intense? You want deep transformation?

The breath journeys are just right for you!
Here we use techniques such as "Conscious Connected Breathing". Experience trance states and dive into the depths of your subconscious.

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Would you like to promote your health and integrate more breathing tools into everyday life?

Take a look at our AtemZeit offers!
The focus is on techniques that help you in everyday life.
More alertness and focus for a kick-start, balance for in between and relaxation and recovery for stressful moments.

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1:1 BreathCoaching

Would you like breathing coaching tailored to your needs?

Get involved in your own personal breathing experience!

A transformative program with personal conversation, individual goal setting and support, breathing sessions, reflection, integration and much more.

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Are you curious about what can be combined with breathing?

Experience one of our workshops!
In our one-day or multi-day workshops we combine the
Breath with special topics, movement, music etc.

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For Companies

Would you like to do something good for your employees?

We design a customized breathing program for your company!

Whether team building, health promotion, increasing focus and creativity, as
online breath time during the breaks or  breath journey for the team outing.

We make it possible!

Our Happy Clients


"I didn't expect to be able to get into it so deeply on the first try. I was very surprised at what it moved inside me and what it did to me.
Even though I was very agitated during this, I was already totally relaxed  in the final phase.
In the days that followed, I also noticed that something had changed, the issues I wanted to leave behind keep coming up, but they no longer trigger any emotions in me. I can now simply say to myself that it is the way it is and that it is ok and that it is much better than before.
So I can only be very grateful to you for this experience."

Upcoming events

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Thanks very much!

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