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1:1 BreathCoaching - individual & healing

Do you want to go into the depths of yourself?

Do you have a special topic you want to venture into?

Are you plagued by respiratory problems like asthma or long-Covid?

Do you not feel comfortable in group settings?


Our 1:1 BreathCoaching is your very personal breathing experience. Tailored to your needs, desires and goals.

Breathwork is a powerful tool for self-healing, self-knowledge, transformation and physical well-being.

In a preliminary talk (online or in person) we look at your personal situation and set the framework for the 1:1 breathing coaching. This can range from a single session to a coaching program lasting several months and includes, tailored to you, intensive Breath Journeys and Breath Time tools that can be used in everyday life, as well as joint reflection and coaching.

Under professional, attentive supervision, you will be accompanied on your breathing journey in a safe setting. Before and after the breathing itself, there is space for you to go deeper and, if you wish, to share experiences. For these individual sessions, it is beneficial if you can get excited about an experiential process that goes beyond one session.


A transformation process with the help of breathwork can go very deep, but it also takes time. Let your breath be your teacher to deal with old habits, routines and (thought) patterns and to revise and transform them.

What can you expect from a breathing coaching session:

  • preliminary talk

  • Breathing journeys tailored to you

  • Breathing exercises, valuable knowledge, meditation and movement

  • coaching and reflection

  • Individual care package (single session or packages)

How to prepare:

  • Ask yourself what is occupying you in your life, blocking you or what you are looking for

  • Send us a request for a 1:1 breathing coaching

  • We will clarify everything else in our first meeting

Duration approx. 2 hours, price on request

Send us a message
and we'll be in touch shortly.

Thanks very much!

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