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Breathwork - breathing work

Breathwork - in German breathing work, refers to the targeted use and control of the breath as a tool to strengthen thephysical, mental and emotional well-being. Breathwork can also come in a variety of formspersonal developmentcome into use.

It's been said that breathwork could be the "new yoga" and it's very trendy right now. Its roots actually come in part from yoga, where it is called pranajama and serves to strengthen life energy (prana).
Nowadays, however, breathwork is mostly understood as techniques that have their origin in the 60s/70s. During this time, on the one hand,Stanislav Groffwith theHolotropic Breathing, on the other handLeonard Orrwithrebirth, the breathwork world. Their techniques are still used successfully today. Both methods are intensive breathing journeys with targeted hyperventilation, which can release deep blockages. Also more recent personalities likeWim Hoff, The Ice Man, work with various breathwork techniques to increase performance and strengthen the immune system.

Breathwork ranges from meditateiv-influenced breathing exercises that you can integrate into everyday life to reduce stress, increase focus, creativity and improve sleep - to intensive breathing journeys (with targeted hyperventilation) with which you can penetrate deep layers of the subconscious to release blockages and trauma.

Possible benefits: 


  • Stress reduction & promotion of stress resistance

  • Increase of clarity, focus & intuition

  • Development of your own potential & strengthening of self-confidence

  • Expanding your own creativity

  • Reflection and letting go of thought patterns and beliefs

  • Supporting mindfulness & meditation practice

  • Promotion of relaxation, lightness & inner balance

  • Promote better sleep

  • Strengthening of the immune system & increase in self-healing powers (can help alleviate anxiety, chronic pain, etc.)

  • Increase in cardiovascular health

  • expansion of consciousness

  • increase in performance

use yoursen breath and support the health of
Body Mind and Soul.

The method - compound breathing

what isCircular breathing?what isconnected breathing?

With a circular breathing technique you dive into deeper and deeper layers of your being. This breathing belongs to the holotropic breathing techniques, also known as controlled hyperventilation. Breathe deeply in and out through your mouth (or nose) without pausing in between. This breathing activates an energy circuit in the body, which strengthens everything that is there. Our body stores all our experiences and feelings, which can lead to trauma, restlessness, stress, pain, etc. Using the connected breathing technique, we canagainGetting access to these feelings and emotions in order to feel them and eventually integrate them.


You need to FEEL to HEAL


We offer various breathing techniques, most of which are based on circular breathing.

No previous knowledge is required for any of our offers.

Want your breath indiscover its full power and development?

We, from The Breath Way Team, would like to accompany you with our offer and our inspirations on your way of this journey of discovery.


We would like to point out that no promise of healing is made with any of the assistance we offer. None of the services are a substitute for medical care and can at most have a supportive effect. None of the offers should lead to the treatment by the doctor/therapist being cancelled in the event of health problems.

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