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Past/Future Offerings


Power Breath (circular breathing)

Embark on a profound experience with your breath.

With a circulating breathing technique you dive into ever deeper layers of your being. Circulatory breathing is one of the holotropic breathing techniques. Also known as controlled hyperventilation. You breathe deeply, through your mouth, in and out, with no pause in between. This breathing activates an energy circuit in the body which amplifies everything that is already there.

All experiences and feelings are stored in our body and through controlled hyperventilation we can access these feelings and emotions in order to feel them and then integrate them.

You need to FEEL to HEAL

We all know that we don't have a good and positive relationship with our deep emotions, such as sadness, anger or stress. And that is something very natural. Nevertheless, everything we suppress eventually finds an exit or a possibility of expression.

In the approx. two-hour session, we will, very consciously, hyperventilate together and thus connect our body and mind to create a new world of experience where everything that is there can have its place.

And the worst thing that can happen to you is that you meet yourself.

Duration approx. 2 hours

Tetra Breath

In this breathing session, the circular breath is your tool to help you let go of old beliefs that are no longer helpful on your path. Depending on the phase, the powerful circular breathing is supplemented by techniques that involve the body more.


Depending on the thematic orientation of the session, exercises (e.g. breathing synchronously with flowing hand movements) are integrated, which improve our respiratory flow and work on the level of our energy centers (chakras).


Breathe freely and be a help and support to yourself to put you back in a more positive mood and vibration. Tetra Breath is also called the Breath of Compassion. Use it to deepen your compassion for yourself and others, engage with the wisdom of your heart.

Duration approx. 1h30min to 2h

Kundalini breath dance

Connect dance and movement with your breath.

You breathe in and out deeply through your mouth, only this time you're not lying down, you're standing or sitting, and let your body move freely to the music. In between you will get movement impulses from me that you can try out if it feels right for you.

Through the deep connecting breathing and the movements, tensions are released from your body, your mind and your soul.


Duration 2 - 2.5 hours

trance dance


The trance dance is probably the oldest, consciousness-expanding ritual of mankind. A trance-like stage is reached through the combination of dance, music and breathing techniques. In this state one experiences great emotional relaxation, self-healing powers are activated, one opens up to intuition and vision and the mind can develop freely.


Duration 2 - 2.5 hours

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