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BreathTime - relaxing & activating

Online & on site

Did you know,

  • that most people breathe in and out 10-25 times per minute, but the ideal breathing rate is 6 breaths per minute?

  • that 90% of all people breathe "wrong"?

Often we are not aware of how we actually breathe or how to use the breath to our advantage. This is exactly what we will show you in the AtemZeit. We give you tools to better master your everyday life and at the same time you take time for yourself!


The breath is the direct link to your vegetative nervous system and thus THE tool to consciously influence your body systems.

Certain breathing exercises, like an espresso shot, can be very activating and increase your focus and concentration. Others act like a good glass of water, balancing and harmonizing. Calming exercises can replace the after-work drink, make it easier for you to relax and promote better sleep.

What awaits you at a breath time:

  • breathing exercises

  • valuable knowledge

  • meditation

  • Movement

How to prepare:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won't be disturbed for an hour

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and access to Zoom

  • Try not to eat right before the session, because it's not easy to breathe on a full stomach


BreathTime Workshop - Online with Sana

In this workshop series we will focus on various topics, such as:

  • Your breath as an anchor

  • breath & blood pressure

  • Breathe well, sleep well

  • Women breathe differently - breathing exercises for your cycle

In each of these workshops you will learn everything you need to know about the respective topic and you will be given some exercises that can help you in everyday life.
There will be exercise instructions for this, either in writing or as a recording. So you can repeat the exercises  at any time.

What's waiting for you:


  • Breath Basics - How to breathe properly

  • Interaction of breath & nervous system

  • Breathing exercises for everyday use

  • Different themes


Duration approx. 2 hours, once a month

BreathTime in the park

Embark on a meditative and health-oriented journey, with different breathing exercises for relaxation. We combine ancient pranayama techniques with modern breathing exercises to enter a deep meditative state.


Perfect for promoting conscious breathing and thus generating a better quality of life.

Only in good weather! In summer in Austria. Contact us for information.


What's waiting for you:

  • simple, varied breathing exercises (including pranayama)

  • rest and relaxation

  • fresh air to breathe :)


Duration approx. 1 hour, currently only in Tenerife



We would like to point out that no promise of healing is made with any of the assistance we offer. None of the services are a substitute for medical care and can at most have a supportive effect. None of the offers should lead to the treatment by the doctor/therapist being canceled in the event of health problems.

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