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For Companies - customized & effective

Do you have goals for your company and your employees?
How important is your own well-being and the health of your team to you?
What do you do when you are under continuous effort?
Would you like to reduce the stress level in your everyday work?
What if you could consciously control your focus and motivation?
Can you switch off in the evening or do you take work home with you?

If you want to do something good for your company and your employees, then you've come to the right place!

We offer individually tailored packages for companies. Depending on what is needed.

Do you want an unforgettable event as part of a team building or team weekend? Then we recommend our exclusive breathing journeys for groups, for example.

Would you rather lower the everyday stress level, bring calm and focus into the working day?

Our AtemZeit offers are ideal for this, whether as a 15-minute breathwork quickie or 1 hour as a precautionary measure for occupational health. We make it possible!

What does your company and your employees expect:

  • Preliminary talk, goals and wishes

  • Attuned BreathJourneys

  • Breathing exercises, valuable knowledge, meditation and movement

  • Integration & Reflection

  • tailor-made offer (single appointment or series of appointments)

How to prepare:

  • Ask yourself what you want for your business

  • Send us an enquiry

  • We will clarify everything else in our first meeting

Duration varies, price on request


Transformative BreathJourney for the team

The breath journeys are transformative breathwork sessions in which we connect, breathe deeply and strongly in a safe setting. In this session you will not only strengthen your lungs, but you will also finally bring your thoughts to a standstill. You arrive more in feeling and in your body. Here you can let go of old beliefs and patterns, remove emotional, mental and physical blockages and come to deep insights on this "journey".


What's waiting for you:

  • an intense connected breathing technique

  • a safe space where you can let go of everything and dive deeper

  • Activating and moving music

  • partly live music or sound healing


Duration approx. 2.5 hours

BreathTime online at work

Give yourself and your employees a break!

This offer can be booked flexibly as a single session or as a package for a longer period. Via Zoom for the home office or at work, with colleagues or alone in front of the PC. Consciously take 15 minutes in your everyday work to clear your head, gain more focus and actively bring relaxation into your system.

What's waiting for you:

  • Valuable breath and mindset exercises

  • For you and your team

  • For more

    • joy and motivation

    • focus and effectiveness

    • health and relaxation


Duration approx. 15 minutes, 1-4x per week

Send us a message
and we'll be in touch shortly.

Thanks very much!

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