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Workshops – connecting & deepening

On site and online

Our workshops are aimed at all those who want to go deeper and are interested in specific topics that are dealt with in the workshop format.

Depending on the topic and format (online/on-site), the workshop is different. You can get information from the respective offer or the course leader.

What to expect at a workshop:

  • welcome circle

  • meditation

  • breathing exercises

  • Movement

  • Sharing Circle

Depending on the workshop, the process is different.


HeilKreis on abortion

Have you had the traumatic experience of an abortion?
Do you feel alone with that?
Even weeks/months/years later, this experience and decision won't let you rest?


The HeilKreis offers you a safe space for exchange and support from women for women, for all thoughts and feelings that an abortion can bring about.


It is an experience you have had and it is important that you recognize and honor it, with all that goes with it. 

Unfortunately, far too little is being said about this subject and much condemnation still rests on it. It is so essential and healing to be able to exchange ideas about it. Everything we bury inside us will sooner or later find its way to the surface.

What's waiting for you:

  • mindfulness and breathing exercises

  • a safe space where you can feel, share and let go of everything

  • networking and sisterhood


Duration approx. 2.5 hours

BreathTime Workshop - Online with Sana

In this workshop series we will focus on various topics, such as:

  • Your breath as an anchor

  • breath & blood pressure

  • Breathe well, sleep well

  • Women breathe differently - breathing exercises for your cycle

In each of these workshops you will learn everything you need to know about the respective topic and you will be given some exercises that can help you in everyday life.
There will be exercise instructions for this, either in writing or as a recording. So you can repeat the exercises  at any time.

What's waiting for you:


  • Breath Basics - How to breathe properly

  • Interaction of breath & nervous system

  • Breathing exercises for everyday use

  • Different themes


Duration approx. 2 hours, once a month



We would like to point out that no promise of healing is made with any of the assistance we offer. None of the services are a substitute for medical care and can at most have a supportive effect. None of the offers should lead to the treatment by the doctor/therapist being canceled in the event of health problems.

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